12 de fev de 2009

Trail Of Dead - The Century Of Self

Novo cd dos caras do ...and you know us by the trail of dead! O baterista da banda, o Jason Reece, resumiu o álbum deste modo em uma entrevista: "A gracefully bombastic head trip in to the history of our many journeys. This is a historical account of our tumultuous lives in this beautifully fucked world." ( http://www.snobsmusic.net/2009/02/q-trail-of-deads-jason-reece.html ) Sem falar disso: "On the last two albums, we were really meticulous recording to click-tracks and doing overdubs...This time, we threw all that out. We learned the songs and all tracked [them] live." Álbum intenso, bastante intenso. Finalizando, um comentário do Conrad Keely sobre o álbum presente no http://www.trailofdead.org/ :
Will this album be remembered more for its musical content or its unconventional artwork? The artist isn't entirely sure. "I haven't the foggiest idea," conceded Keely. "Although I would hope it would be somewhere in between-- a mix of the two. Both represent a considerable change in our approach to making albums. In a sense, the last two albums weren't really Trail of Dead. They were Trail of Dead trying to redefine Trail of Dead and it didn't work. This album is Trail of Dead. No more square pegs in round holes."

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